True Or False

It's Edge Vs. Torrie Wilson, so read on and enjoy!

Statement # 1: Women's wrestling should be more wrestling and less T & A.

Edge: True. Because I'm a wrestling purist at heart. If I wanted to see T & A, I'd watch something else.

Torrie: True. I think there's nothing better than seeing two girls kick the hell out of each other.

Statement # 2: There should be more women's Hair vs. Hair matches.

Edge: False. I think Hair vs. Hair matches should be few and far between.

Torrie: False. We've still got to have the sexy babes in the ring.

Statement # 3: Edge will be World Heavyweight Champion in 2004.

Edge: I think true. That's my plan, anyway. It all depends on the neck, basically.

Torrie: True. Because Edge is the bomb!

Statement # 4: Brock Lesnar is making a mistake.

Edge: Because I love wrestling, true. But he'll come back a bigger star than he was before, because he will be back, in my opinion.

Torrie: False. He's following his dreams.

Statement # 5: Trish was right when she said chicks like it rough.

Edge: True. I'll let Torrie elaborate on that one.

Torrie: I'd say true, but it depends on the moment.

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