Meeting Edge

When: November 3, 2004, 6:30 PM
Where: Virgin MegaStore, New York City, New York

I was lucky enough to meet up with Teffy, and I met another girl named Nikki, who was also really cool. The three of us hung out as we waited for our turns to meet him. When Teffy went up there, she was actually on her cell phone talking with DJ from, and the really cool thing was that Edge took the phone from her and talked to DJ for a few minutes! LOL! Then it was my turn to meet him, and while I'd felt so nervous and dry-mouthed for the last hour before he even got there, scared I would be all tongue-tied, it didn't happen at all! The first thing I noticed was how BIG he is! I was nearly overwhelmed by that, but in a GOOD way, LOL! I shook hands with him (he's got such soft, warm, BIG hands!) and I talked with him about the website and told him about Project: Happy Birthday Edge, the special birthday website I'd made for him. I also had a cute little card for him with a pug puppy on it, wishing him a happy belated birthday and told him I'd voted for him to get the World title shot at Taboo Tuesday and of course left the URL to the site! Edge told me he would definitely check it all out when he's back home. Then he asked me what my name was, and I told him and he signed my book. He was SO nice and such a sweetie, and if anything, I think I'm an even bigger fan of his than I was before! =) I gave him a big smile, two thumbs up and said, "Go and win that World title!" He laughed and gave me a huge grin, and I loved it! All in all, it was a night to remember!!!