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Q: Does Edge have more than one MySpace account?
A: No.

Q: Will Edge return to the ring?
A: Absolutely. He is healing up from a torn achilles tendon and surgery for said injury, but word is that he will return around the time of WrestleMania 26.

Q: Does Adam has any fun stories from when he has been traveling with other WWE superstars?
A: I haven't read of anything recently, but you can read some past funny stories of that HERE.

Q: Do Edge and Vickie get along in real life?
A: Yes, I'm sure they do. After all, he was close friends with her late husband, Eddy Guerrero, so it's not too hard to believe he would be friendly with Vickie as well.

Q: Is Edge making a comeback soon???
A: He has been taking a break, but he should be returning soon. Who knows? Maybe he'll even make a surprise return at No Mercy tomorrow night!

Q: Does Edge still talk to Christian?
A: Yes, he does. They're still best friends. :)

Q: Now, I've always wondered, yet never found out. What is Edge's eye color?
A: His eyes are green.

Q: Hey, I wanted to ask, other than MySpace does Edge have a Bebo page?
A: Nope. He only has the MySpace, and that's it.

Q: What are Edge's favorite bands?
A: KISS, Queen, Fear Factory, Foo Fighters, Faith No More and Alter Bridge. He also likes a lot more where those came from, though!

Q: What is the rivalry between Triple H and Edge? Is it still going on?
A: The only thing I know about any rivalry between them is that Triple H has been claiming for years that he "wants to feud with Edge." Edge has always been open to this idea and welcomed it because of Triple H's "top star" status in the WWE. However, every single time there's been talk about this actually happening, Triple H would come up with some excuse to nix it. And due to that, Edge apparently has resentment, and understandably so.

Q: I have read in Adam's MySpace that Shawn Michaels is one of his heroes... Do you have any article of his interview(s) stating his admiration for the Heartbreak Kid?
A: He has always stated that his "big three" are Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. He makes mention of this (and his admiration for Shawn in particular) in his book. You may be able to find mentions of HBK and his influence on Adam in some of the articles up here - I haven't read through any of them in the longest time since they're all old, but you can check out the articles right here.

Q: Does Adam speak any other languages besides English?
A: I don't believe so. As far as I know, English is his only language.

Q: Are you on MySpace?
A: I'm going to assume you meant this question for Edge, not for me. He can't answer for you, but I can - yes, he does have a MySpace page. The url is http://www.myspace.com/therealratedrsuperstar - and if you've seen any other pages claiming to be him, they're fakes. THIS is the only real Edge MySpace page.

Q: I don't remember exactly where I heard this from, but I was told that Edge was friends with Nick Lachey. To be honest, I really don't believe and I was wondering if you know the answer.
A: From what I remember and understand, yes, he is! I myself had completely forgotten that, so thanks for the reminder.

Q: I asked this question awhile ago but I understand you have other things to do besides this but anyway, do you know where I can get a very good picture of Edge's sun tattoo because I am getting it done very soon. Or if you have a closeup of it could you send it with the reply, thanks a lot, Edge rules, cheers.
A: Did you? I don't remember seeing a question like yours before, but I apologize in case I overlooked it. There is one particular picture I can think of that gives a very good view of the tattoo. You can view it right HERE. I think you may be able to get an even better (bigger) view of it on the fanlisting, right HERE. Hope this helps you!

Q: I have noticed in the past few months Adam has been throwing up the Hook 'em Horns sighn when he is in the ring. What is the meaning of it? I like it whatever it means.
A: I think all it means is that he is a metalhead. :) That is the devil horns sign that Ronnie James Dio made famous in heavy metal.

Q: Will Edge ever get back to RAW?
A: He might eventually, but I wouldn't bet on it anytime soon since he was just drafted to SmackDown last month and was on RAW over three years.

Q: Is Edge going to stay a bad guy until he retires?
A: I don't know. He's had so much unbelievable success as a heel, though, including two WWE Championship reigns and his current World Championship reign. But who knows what the future holds? He could very well turn face at some point!

Q: Adam has a new tattoo that looks like mexican style skulls with a star under them. Any more info on the tattoo? Any meaning behind it?
A: Honestly, I don't know, but I bet he just went a little tat-crazy! LOL!

Q: I'm new to this site and was wondering does Adam and Amy hang out even though she retired? I miss them hangin' on RAW ^..^
A: I'm positive they do still hang out. Why wouldn't they? ;)

Q: Is Edge's natural hair color blonde?
A: Yes, it is. If you've seen pictures of him as a baby and little boy, you will notice his hair was always blond.

Q: Does Edge have any brothers or sisters?
A: No, he is an only child.

Q: Does Edge smoke?
A: No, he does not. He did say in his autobiography that he tried when he was a kid and totally hated it.

Q: What's that little square metal thingy he wears around his neck?
A: If you look at a really big picture (a scan or a candid) on the gallery, it looks to be a half of a nickel or some other type of coin.

Q: Where does Edge get his T-shirts?
A: While I didn't have an answer to this question, someone else did and does. Thank you to Michael H for this response! --- Just wanted to let you know, about the shirts Edge wears. They are by companies such as Affliction, Salvage, and Drifter. They can be bought at soliscompany.com, as well as other retailers, such as PacSun, Nordstrom, The Buckle, etc.

Q: What's the first tattoo of Adam (I think it's a shark...). I suppose 'Christian' had the same isn't he??! What's the 'signification' of this tattoo, why Adam replace it by a sun?? Thanks in advance, excuse me for the mistakes, I'm French, so...
A: You're right, Adam's first (original) tattoo was of a shark. Christian's (Jay Reso's) is a bulldog and does look pretty similar. As for the significance of Adam's shark tattoo, he says in his book that he got that at 17 as a way to pay homage to him losing his virginity!

Q: What is Edge's favorite TV show and does he like any other types of music than rock?
A: A couple of TV shows I know he loves are The Simpsons and The King of Queens. I've heard he likes one rap artist, believe it or not, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think it might be 50 Cent. But his big musical love is heavy metal, hard rock and the like.

Q: I recently read on Gerweck.net WWE News and Notes that Edge was at a hockey game with his wife and it had a picture. I thought he was divorced. Is he married or not since this site is pretty reliable?
A: He is NOT married. You were correct in your thinking - he is divorced and has not remarried. It's interesting to note that the news reporter who covered the NHL All Star Game not only claimed the young woman who happened to be sitting beside Edge was "his wife," but also called Edge a "roided up freak" as well. Apparently, wrestling "news" sites watched this telecast and assumed that just because the reporter called the girl "his wife" that he would know better. And it goes to show that you should not believe everything you read on those sites, because you never know if the original source even knows what the heck he/she is talking about.

Q: Is the Impaler (Edgecution) also a finisher from Edge?
A: Yes, of course. It was originally called "The Impaler" back when he was part of The Brood, though he wasn't using it as his finisher back then. Once he was on his own, for some reason, he switched from the Spear to that DDT as his finisher. Of course, now he relies on the Spear again as his actual finishing maneuver. I'm guessinig it might have to do with the fact that he has a surgically repaired neck that he doesn't use it as often as he used to.

Q: Does Edge really have 11 1/2 toes?
A: Nah, I'm positive that was just a joke!

Q: Do you know where Edge gets his cool t-shirts from he wears to the ring for interviews (not the WWE ones)?
A: Sorry, I don't. I wish I knew, though. If I get info on where he gets the shirts, I'll post it - or if someone else knows and sends me info on it, I'll definitely post it up here to answer your question.

Q: I was looking through Edge pics on ObssesedWithWrestling.com and saw a pic of Edge and he was mad and bald. Was he really bald or was it a wig?
A: I know exactly what picture you're referring to. It was what we webdesign people would call a "Photoshopped" image. The pic was shown during Edge and Kurt Angle's feud in 2002 that led up to their famed Hair vs Hair match at Judgment Day that year.

Q: Has Edge very displayed any interest in doing a Super Hero movie? I could see him as Longshot from X-men.
A: He has said on more than one occasion that he doesn't have any interest in doing movies. He did Highlander: Endgame and since then, his attitude has been such - that he's a wrestler, not an actor.

Q: I was happy to find out that Edge supports gay marriage. Do you know of any others that also favor this idea?
A: Off-hand, no, and I didn't see or hear anything where Adam mentioned this topic - but since I know he's a fair, tolerant and liberal-minded person, it doesn't surprise me. I'm sure there are other WWE people who are equally as tolerant.

Q: Is there any chance of seeing some pictures of Adam with his dogs?
A: I do have scans from the WWE book Unscripted, thanks to my friend Chan, who donated Edge stuff to me after she closed Adam-Copeland.com. I just have to get a good kick in the ass to add them to the gallery! I will try to do that sometime next weekend.

Q: Have you any idea what company supplies Adam's sunglasses?
A: No, I don't, but that is a really good question. I'll see if I can find out the answer, and if I do, I'll be sure to post it up here. (This answer has been updated, thanks to Matt: Just wanted to let you know, the company that supplies Edge with those sunglasses is called Black Flys. He's mentioned it in his WWE.com article, and he told me himself when I met him at a book signing.)

Q: I read somewhere that Adam and Amy are no longer together and that Adam is trying to reconcile with his wife. Is this true?!
A: You know, it's getting really old reading AND answering the same questions over and over again... Do you guys not read my answers? No offense, but it's really feeling like some of you DON'T. For the zillionth time, Adam no longer HAS a wife. They've been divorced since November 17, 2005 - done, finito, caput. What you read is NOT true, and the person who originally posted that "news" had even later admitted that he made the whole thing up because it was a "slow news day" on his site. And for the record, this is the LAST time I'm going to answer this question. If people miss or forget the answer? - Oh well!

Q: I saw Edge being stripped by Ric Flair in their match in Italy - was this an accident or was it part of the storyline?
A: Flair has a weird sense of humor, apparently. He's done it to Chris Jericho before, too. I guess it's just something he likes to do to embarass his opponents at houseshows. By the way, he did the same thing to Edge at the Brussels, Belgium houseshow, too (I'll post some candids from that soon).

Q: Does Edge ever visit his fans if they are in the hospital?
A: He has in the past. I'm not sure when he last did this, but I know he has.