» Adam grew up in a single parent household with just his mom, and to this day, he has never met his father nor seen a picture of him

» Adam discovered the rock/heavy metal band KISS when he was only three years old and became hooked

» Adam's uncle Gary, the uncle closest in age to him, was tragically killed in a car accident when Adam was only eight

» The same year his uncle was killed, Adam discovered wrestling and was instantly enthralled by it

» Adam met his best friend, Jay Reso (also known as Christian in the pro-wrestling world) in grade 6 when they attended the same elementary school

» Adam is a huge dog lover, and the charity he played for when he appeared on the game show The Weakest Link was The Humane Society

» Adam studied Broadcasting in college and has his degree in that

» Adam had his first match ever in the WWE against Hardcore Holly (then still known as "Sparkplug") in a dark match on May 10, 1996 as Sexton Hardcastle and used Pantera's "Walk" as his theme music

» Adam got his first dog, Frisco, while traveling on a tour of northern Ontario when he found her out in the cold as a tiny, homeless puppy whose parents had frozen to death

» Adam hates spicy food

» Adam is allergic to cats

» Adam had spinal fusion surgery for a broken neck on March 10, 2003

» Adam was the one who invented the whole thong thing for Lita (Amy Dumas)

» Adam is twice divorced, first from Alanah Morley in March 2004 and most recently from Lisa Ortiz in November 2005

» As long as he has known her, Adam has always been close with Amy Dumas (Lita) and has considered her his closest female friend

» Edge has held the Tag Team Championships in the WWE 11 times

» Edge has held the WWE Intercontinental Championship five times

» Edge was the fifth draft pick to RAW in the second WWE draft lottery on March 22, 2004

» Edge won his first ever WWE Championship at the New Year's Revolution pay-per-view on January 8, 2006

» Edge's first WWE Championship reign was the most watched in five years since Stone Cold Steve Austin's title run