Byte This!

WWE Byte This Review
August 26, 2004
Hosts: Howard Finkel and Tommy Dreamer w/ Droz
Guests: Edge and Mr. Fuji
Report by Michael KopStick, Torch Devious Contributor

They play an Edge heel interview he did with Todd Grisham, exclusive to, explaining how his hometown's negative reception didn't bother him since he is still the Intercontinental champion.

Edge joins the program and discusses the recent attitude he has been sporting and crowd reactions because of it. Tommy likens it to the "Rocky Sucks" chant when the fans turned on Rocky for being too good of a guy. Edge says he understands that it's always easier to piss people of than it is than getting them to like you. And if you try too hard for people to like you, they'll turn on you, he attests.

A caller recalls that when Edge came back to No Way Out in 2003 after his injury from a "mystery attacker," he didn't pursue to find who it was that put him out and just moved to a different program. "That's a very good question," Edge laughs out of past frustrations, "one that is out of my control. It was definitely something that I brought up to people but was told that it did not matter." (He must have brought it up to the Rock)

Edge misses Rey Mysterio and Doug Basham, buddies from Smackdown. It's weird for him to see them at pay-per-views now for like a day or two and then not see them again for so long.

Edge enjoys going to far away places, but the traveling can get to him sometimes. "I enjoy it once I get there. But to be perfectly honest with you, the only thing I hate about my job is traveling," he kvetches "That's the one thing that has finally gotten to me. I hate the whole process of going through security, hopping on a plane, being jammed in a seat (which, as he himself reportedly brought up in a recent meeting, according to the TORCH, is most often a coach seat, the seat being as annoying as the two WWF/WWE characters that share the same name), wearing dress shoes and dress pants, and all that good stuff. I find that that's the one thing that's gotten to me now."

A caller suggests that Randy Orton may not be ready to hold the World Championship title. Edge sticks up for the Legend Killer by saying that he has upped his game in the past year, reminding him of Kurt Angle in how it all clicked for him within a year's time. He says Orton was one of his best opponents and he hopes to see Edge-Orton matches in the future for the world title.

Edge likes challenging himself to go against larger WWE superstars like the Big Show and A-Train. His favorite matches were the hair vs. hair with Kurt Angle, the ones he wrestled with Hulk Hogan, and some stuff he did with Christian. If he could be in the ring taking on any legend from the past it would be Bret Hart first and foremost. Shawn Michaels comes in at a distant second.

He has finished writing his book and is editing it for mistakes. It's going to be called Adam Copeland and Edge.

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