Always Amy Photo Gallery


Always Amy Photo Gallery

Television (18692)
Exclusive screen captures of Lita from WWE television and other shows, such as Live With Regis, Headbanger's Ball and others
RAW, SmackDown, Sunday Night Heat ... (861)
Beautiful professional photos from and credited to the WWE's own official website
RAW Digital Photos, Auction Photos, Pre-Show Photos ...
Magazines & Publications (223)
Scans of Lita from various magazines, books and other publications
RAW Magazine, WWE Magazine, Divas ...
Videos/DVDs (4020)
Captures from various videos and DVDs, mostly WWE, but a few others as well
Lita: It Just Feels Right, Viva Las Divas, Backlash 2005 Extras: Lita & Edge Backstage (Exclusive) ...
Promos, Glossies and Programs (17)
Photo Credit: Ladie Butterfly & Devin for Always Amy and unknown
Glossies Found on Ebay
Candids (1091)
Candid photos of Lita/Amy Dumas from WWE RAW, houseshows, outside, etc. found on Ebay,,, etc. and some donated to the site (Donated Exclusives are NOT to be used elsewhere!)
Ebay,, ...
Miscellaneous (132)
Various other photos that don't fit into any other category
Videogames,, Prick Magazine Anniversary - November 2005, Atlanta, GA ...
Appearances (130)
Photos taken by fans who have met Lita/Amy at appearances. Some of these are EXCLUSIVE to this site and should NOT be used elsewhere
Autorama World of Wheels Car Shows, WrestleMania Fan Axxess - January 28, 2006, December 14, 2002 ...

25166 images in 1046 categories.

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Every Diva Ever
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WWE Couples
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December 12, 2011
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